Lucy’s opera RED! is an interactive experience for children - introducing them to the world of opera - storytelling, music, drama, movement!

Some parts of the opera are unwritten, so that the children themselves create soundscapes and words which are interwoven with existing songs. 

Red! Is for 8 - 10 year olds to perform alongside professional opera singers and musicians. 

It was commissioned by Barefoot Opera UK in 2019 and had it’s first performance at Robsack Wood Primary Academy with 50 children in March 2020  (just before the pandemic hit - PHEW)! 

In December 2020 it moved across the world and was performed with singers from New Zealand Opera and musicians from Orchestra Wellington at Kelburn Primary School, Wellington NZ with 40 children. This performance was a pilot for June 2021 when it will by performed by up to 400 children and a 20 piece orchestra in Wellington!


Participating in Red! gave our pupils a learning opportunity that they would not have otherwise have had. They were able to experience drama and music in a really different way thanks to Barefoot. I saw pupils gain confidence through the process and explore new ways of expressing themselves. The pupils that took part enjoyed working up to a performance and being able to share their success with their families.

— Alex Reed (Deputy Head) 
Robsack Wood Primary Academy