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What the press say about Lucy and her music…

RED! Opera

"…a sophisticated score…both funny and flexible”

Dominion Post, NZ

“…exuberant music..the kids placed centre stage…an exciting first look at opera for the youngest attendees”

Dominion Post, NZ

“…dynamic composition by Lucy Mulgan…”

Theatre Review NZ

“…a production as scrumptious as the treats for Granny in Red’s backpack…”

Theatre Review NZ

“…The music written for the children’s chorus is perfectly pitched, both vocally and theatrically.”

Theatre Review NZ

“Red! receives a rapturous reception on its New Zealand premiere.”

Theatre Review NZ

“Opera like this is clearly for everyone.”

Elizabeth Kerr, Five Lines

“…a clever and light-hearted score. The songs for the children’s chorus were witty and engaging, the adult arias appealing and nicely constructed.”

Elizabeth Kerr, Five Lines

Barefoot Opera

“…a stylish duo – Lesley-Anne Sammons on keyboard and Lucy Mulgan on electric guitar and double bass – give a deliciously spirited interpretation of the music…”

About Lucy

“Participating in Red! gave our pupils a learning opportunity that they would not have otherwise have had. They were able to experience drama and music in a really different way thanks to Barefoot. I saw pupils gain confidence through the process and explore new ways of expressing themselves. The pupils that took part enjoyed working up to a performance and being able to share their success with their families.”

Red! Opera
— Alex Reed (Deputy Head) Robsack Wood Primary Academy

“Mulgan looked to more spiritual horizons, using delicate, otherworldly textures, tinctured with gleaming  colours and bravely expressive glissandi.” 

Cape Reinga. NZSO
- New Zealand Herald

“Classy take on a jazz standard”

Juice Vocal Ensemble
- The Times

"What a privilege to be part of this project. Inspiring and heart-warming ... It's so important we continue to share our lived experiences in the hope to reach out to others."

My Place
- Eleanor, Seaview Project

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