Lockdown Quiz Theme Tunes

Outer Space 

Here Come the Animals



Pygmalion Overture - Rameau

Lucy's reimagining of Rameau's Overture (excerpt)

Matilda Waltzed The Flaming Galahs

Recorded live at Brighton Fringe Festival UK

Waltzing Matilda as a mini-opera. The moving story of a nomadic man who throws himself into a chasm to avoid prison for stealing a sheep.


Bother! DOLLYman

No ambiguity with this one...

Wrench! Saxcess

Recorded by Radio New Zealand

Inspired by Monk's Well You Needn't - groovy sax quartet with double bass & congas - recorded live at the 1993 NZ Composing Women's Festival


Opera in October feat. Chiara Vinci

What is opera? 

For Gabrielle DOLLYman feat. Kerry Andrew

A song about London and her river The Thames

Kiwiana Valentine

A love song to Lucy's childhood in Aotearoa New Zealand...

June 24 2016

The day after the Brexit referendum


Ruapehu (extract 1) BBC Philharmonic

Recorded by BBC Radio 3

An extract from this tone poem - the lonely, otherworldly landscape surrounding this volcano

Ruapehu (extract 2)

A second extract from this tone poem -  the volcano erupts

Cape Reinga (extract) New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Recorded by Concert FM NZ

As in Maori legend the spirits reach the end of our world at Cape Reinga (the northern-most tip of NZ) to travel to the next world.

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