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Opera in October feat. Chiara Vinci

What's Opera?


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For Gabrielle DOLLYman feat. Kerry Andrew

A song about London and her river The Thames

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Kiwiana Valentine

A love song to Lucy's childhood in Aotearoa New Zealand...

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June 24 2016

The day after the Brexit referendum

Ruapehu (extract 1) BBC Philharmonic Recorded by BBC Radio 3

An extract from this tone poem - the lonely, otherworldly landscape surrounding this volcano

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Ruapehu (extract 2) 

A second extract from this tone poem -  the volcano erupts

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Cape Reinga (extract) New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Recorded by Concert FM NZ

As in Maori legend the spirits reach the end of our world at Cape Reinga (the northern-most tip of NZ) to travel to the next world.

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Bother! DOLLYman

No ambiguity with this one...

Wrench! Saxcess Recorded by Radio New Zealand

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Inspired by Monk's Well You Needn't - groovy sax quartet with double bass & congas - recorded live at the 1993 NZ Composing Women's Festival

My Favourite Foods

Red! - Full cast preparing a feast!


Red! - Forest Soundscape (created by the children's chorus) and Be Careful in the Woods....

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Pygmalion Overture - Rameau

Lucy's reimagining of Rameau's Overture (excerpt)

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Matilda Waltzed - The Flaming Galahs Recorded live at Brighton Fringe Festival UK

Waltzing Matilda as a mini-opera. The moving story of a nomadic man who throws himself into a chasm to avoid prison for stealing a sheep.


DOLLYman perform Lucy’s Dolly Parton mash up Dolly Does Dolly

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